S2 “Always Carry a Possum Whistle!”

On this week’s episode of BaKChat, Krista wins an Instagram contest with Community Thrift and Vintage and Bryan raves about rev.com, an online transcription service he’s recently discovered. ‘In Your Dreams’ has Bryan putting on a dreamologist cap for Krista as they recall a semi-recurring, childhood-home-ghost-dream! A new segment sees a visit from Aunt Christine as she reads a “Letter From Down Under” from Bryan’s partner Jake who’s currently going to school in Australia. The show wraps with an ‘Adventure With Alice,’ fresh from 1971!

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S2 “An Overhead Bin Could Fit Seven Toddlers.”

On this week’s episode of BaKChat, Bryan and Krista share their wonderful experience at the IV Health Centre in Yaletown (a REAL sponsor) who graciously supplied BaKChat with a free IV treatment! It was just the ticket for Bryan to recover from his jetlag. Krista tries to befriend some crows and raves about their fake sponsor Mobi Bikes. The dreamologists don their sleeping caps and dive into some nightmarish listener questions, while Bryan reveals a nightmare of his own. By the way, if you poop in your dream, you poop in real life.