“Claritin’s Not Gonna Fix That”

After a microphone mishap that left an episode…somewhere in the stars, BaKChat returns to talk Indigenous People’s Day, a potential Canadian 420/Thanksgiving combo & Spring PMS. The Twins at Astrostyle.com provide this week’s “It’s in the Stars,” which points out all of Libra Bryan’s quirky flaws & loveable charm.

“…Sat on her Tuffet (Which was also a Muffet)”

Broadcasting for their first time from Vancouver’s West End, BaKChat debates bougie poutines, including the correct Quebecois pronunciation, and confirms Krista’s gullibility via the Canadian $50 bill. A conversation about cereal takes a turn for GAGA and the episode turns into a full-blown Lady tribute, including a special Aries, “It’s In the Stars.”

“You’ll Never Make It in the Bush”

On this episode of BaKChat Bryan and Krista commiserate over the corporatization of Pride. Bryan revisits fond memories of Toronto’s Metric and Yeah Yeah Yeah’s concerts, and Krista finds out Prozac is not a party drug. Bryan expresses his distaste for camping, but Krista is dead set on winning him over with her pro outdoor tips.

“Burn This Tinderbox to the Ground”

Beginning on a breezy note inspired by Karmic Seafoam air tents (aka Krista’s shirt), BaKChat takes a moment for some rare somber discussion on the dark, but very important, aspects of Bryan and Krista’s ancestry which includes residential schools and a tragic accident. “It’s in the Stars” brings Bryan and Krista closer than ever as they make astrological amends on a miscommunication that they totally blame on the retrograde.

“Pussy Brain Freeze”

Forest fire discussions lead to off-colour Smokey the Bear commentary.  Bryan totes Dole Whip pineapple treats and Krista discovers the dark side of cheese.  On the astrological side we learn how  Krista’s Libra Moon keeps her from becoming a cutthroat psychopath, and that your mouth isn’t the only body orifice that can initiate a brain freeze.

“You Pee in Your Wetsuit?!”

Healthy choices (or lack thereof) on Uber Eats. Finger wiping equates to human napkins.  Bryan takes sailing lessons and capsizes.  Krista discovers the dirty side of wetsuits and reveals some surprising Alberta roots.  Material obsession weirds them both out.  “It’s In the Stars” reveals astrological oddities.

“Underwater Panic!”

Memory foam can get forgetful (and rather filthy).   The ‘Crab Bucket Theory’ is discussed.  Bryan recounts how he nearly drowned on a scuba diving trip in Exmouth, Western Australia.  Krista keeps her Mother’s Day gift under ‘wraps’ and earwig myths are dispelled.  Autostraddle.com provides an “It’s In the Stars” Aquarius review.  Relationships, social standing and filling your own self-voids are highlighted as BaKChat reiterates the importance of making yourself number one.