S2 “Spooky Halloween Spectacular!”

As if 2020 wasn’t scary enough, the BakChat duo swoops in with an extra dose of BOO! Kwin surprises Bryan with a pop quiz of Lady Gaga’s 6th studio album release, CHROMATICA. Bryan proves himself worthy as a true Dreamologist with an on the spot analysis of Kwin’s recurring dream. Kwin gives an update on their pregnancy journey in a new segment and the pair roast the signs in a very halloweenie ‘It’s in the Stars’. All this and so much more on the 64th episode of BaKchat!

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S2 “Lick My Rat Hole!”

On this JBWFLI episode of BaKChat, Bry and Kwin discuss Bryan’s Category 5 birthday blowjob and Kwin’s growing waistline and how they’re transitioning from Mimosas to Mumus! The “It’s In The Stars” theme preludes into Halloween festivities with each sign being categorized as either a naughty trick or a tasty treat.

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