S2 “Enough of this Rectal Talk, Let’s Talk About Britney!”

On this week’s episode of BaKChat, Bryan and Krista pull out their monocles and twirl their moustaches to analyze the Free Britney Movement as professional, fully certified, BakChat-accredited legalologists. After watching the NYT documentary, ‘Framing Britney Spears’, the pair spare no words in their critique of the Hollywood-hungry society that has lead to us to the point of NEEDING to Free Britney! Fake sponsors has Bryan throwing Krista for an unexpected, rule-breaking loop with a very special surprise that incorporates a pattern from Colette Belt and Krista describes a recent trip to Vancouver’s new concept space, ‘Picnics and Poetry’ (picnicsandpoetry.com). ‘It’s in the Stars’ features an in depth analysis of Britney Spears’ birth chart and the planets responsible for the Britney fandom. #FREEBRITNEY 

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S2 “Chicken Blood Is In Retrograde”

Today, Bryan and Krista are joined by the wonderful and INCREDIBLY entertaining, Astrologer extraordinaire, Chad!! In this special episode, Chad shares with us the ancient language of astrology and all the life experiences that inspired him to pursue it. The trio dive into the conversation starting with the generations currently alive on planet Earth, the signs that drive their behaviour (who knew a whole generation had a sign!?) and how the generations can learn to get along by keeping this astrological wisdom in mind. Chad explains his theory of P.A.T. (Personal Astrological Trinity – his very own invention) healing, and offers up some insight with his explanation of rising signs, also known as your F.A.C.E.  Bryan and Krista are blown away by the physical characteristics you can look for to determine someone’s rising sign – without even calling their mother for the time of birth!! You can book a PAT healing session with Chad via DM on instagram (@chadelia) and check out his videos on youtube – just type ‘The Bubbha Chadelia’ into the search bar! 

S2 “That’s Not the Mandela Effect, That’s Amnesia”

On this episode of BaKChat, Bryan and Krista both have some skin tips to share from Skoah and SkinFix/Sephora during Fake Sponsors. Bryan’s baby prediction streak meets its match in a Preggo Update, and both Bryan and Krista CRY for the first time on air in a heartwarming story about a certain type of bug. While IITS doesn’t make an appearance this week, a date is BOOKED with Chad (@chadelia) for a special astrological episode #67 that will be nothing short of stargazin’ amazing. Alice returns from vacation for ‘Adventures with Alice’ and Bryan analyzes a very timely dream of Krista’s in ‘In your Dreams!’.  

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