S2 “Almost as Accurate at Taking Your Temp as the Back of Your Mother’s Hand!”

On this week’s feverish episode of BaKChat, Bryan and Kwin bring the heat on COVID-19 with entirely unqualified opinions and anecdotes. The only factual thing they know is something Kwin shares (too intimately) that Bryan wishes he, in fact, didn’t know.    The duo discuss their lives post-corona-pocalypse and dish the deets on some warm fuzzy feelings.  The fuzzies take us to a new cororna-riffic segment ‘In Your Fever Dreams,’ which latches onto the coat tails of an intergalactic stank shooting them to ‘It’s in the Stars,’ featuring what all signs are up to in self-isolation.  Stay tuned for more frequent episodes designed specifically to keep you company during social distancing.

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