“You Cropdusted a Bronado?!”

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and your BaKChat co-hosts help break some walls down about mental health stigmas for our listeners!  Krista has a creative way to deal with the patriarchy and Bryan takes over the dream-ologist role in this week’s “In Your Dreams!”  Follow our new Instagram account @bakchatpodcast and if you need to chat, call 1-800-SUICIDE or 1-833-456-4566.

“That’s Like Working for Santa!”

On this week’s Very Special Episode, Bryan and Krista are joined by life coach and entrepreneur extraordinaire, Kim Janna! The crew chat on mindfulness, their love/HATE relationship with Amazon (#boycottamazon2019) and Kim gives listeners a Weekly Happiness Tip, a frequent feature on her Instagram stories @zerofuckslifecoach (along with tons more quality content).  Kim advocates for the art of the side-hustle through her Instagram shop @cerealthrifter and gives some tips for managing stress. The show wraps with another “In Your Dreams!” segment that features an interpretation of a BaKChat listener’s dream (or nightmare!).

“Nobody Said Segues Were Your Strongpoint!”

This episode of BaKChat features a very special promo code at roxandlaity.com for a discount on SCRUNCHIES! Use code: BAKCHAT to redeem.  Also featuring: hidden camera nightmares, a ponytail scale and a special new segment that you’ll have to tune in to believe! Hint? There’s a new “-ologist” in town.

“Anything More than a Handful or a Mouthful is a Waste”

In this week’s episode, Bryan and Krista have some big-time corporate names for their Fake Sponsors (much to their chagrin).  Krista discusses the challenges faced when you have an attractive doctor and Bryan confesses what may just be his most embarrassing BaKChat moment to date!  “It’s in the Stars” gravitates to a Libra level so that Bryan can seek comfort after a tumultuous week, and some delicious conspiracies surrounding Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne are dished.

“We Got the Same Venus and I’m STILL Broke!”

Today’s Very Special Episode features investment extraordinaire, The Property Owl:  Kosi!  He joins us from a beautiful day on the Coast Salish Territories to chat about the keys to success, goal setting, mindfulness and even gives a first-time impression of our thirst sponsor Lonetree’s Apple-Ginger Cider, (two thumbs up!).  Bryan announces his return to school for an MBA and Kosi explains the meaning behind #WealthWarriors. Meanwhile, Krista is full of questions on her wealth status after examining Kosi’s birth chart on “It’s in the Stars,” and discovering that their charts have some marked similarities that their bank accounts simply do not affirm.