S2 Finale “I’m Totally Gay For Dicks!”

Welcome to SEXPISODE 34+35 aka the Season 2 finale of BaKChat! Joined by BaKChat University tenured and accredited sexologist, Vanessa! Vanessa’s second time on the show did not disappoint as the trio revisited their original test results from 2 years ago on www.bdsmtest.org and compared them to their latest results. Topics range from covid relationships, sex parties, non-monogamy, jealousy, chat roulette, pregnancy sex, and who could forget ‘Jaculatin’ (hint: you won’t be able to after listening to this episode!). ‘It’s in the Stars’ explores the signs abilities as monogamous, monogam-ish, or non-monogamous, and Bryan and Krista’s astrological accreditations are brought into question! Thank you to everyone who listened to Season 2 of BaKChat! We are so excited to share this must-listen finale with you. Stay tuned for a Season 3 premiere of BaKChat coming soon and as always, don’t forget to wipe front to BaK!

xo B&K

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