“I Can Pick Them Out of the Trash!”

Todays episode features a Lunch Monitoring story that has haunted Krista since 2001. Fake Sponsors include TACOFINO (thanks Chris!) and dark blue Excel gum, Bryan’s flying staple. It’s in the Stars includes a shout out to Sagittarius season + three extra signs from BaKChat favourite, Corina Dross.

“You Only Find Gems After a Dumpster Fire”

WARNING: This short and… sweet…impromptu tipsy episode will have you in tears. Do not listen to this in a public place if you can’t laugh! Fake sponsors include 33 Acres + Uber Eats (ft. the ‘Gateway Order’). Topics include: Blue Angels, Christine, Cheese sticks at breweries, ‘chicken things’ and behind the scenes McDonalds secrets (along with Bry and Krista’s full McD’s orders). “In Your Dreams,” features a vegetarian listeners dream about raw bacon in her cell phone case and the analysis is…riveting.

“You Might As Well Just Get a Monsanto Jacket!”

On this week’s episode, Bryan and Krista recount their attendance at the BC Stigma Free Society’s AGM and the importance of the work they do promoting the acceptance and understanding of ALL stigmas which hold people back from accessing the services they need to live authentically. Between the meeting itself, the couple of cocktails and the lack of sleep, the delirious duo will have you laughing along about frog farms, egg vaccines and the Illuminati.  BaKChat dedicates an “It’s in the Stars” to a new GEMINI listener they met at the Stigma Free AGM.

“We Avoid Our Feelings At All Costs!”

On this week’s episode of BaKChat, Bryan’s fake sponsor has Krista wondering if he’s been celebrating the legalization of weed. Meanwhile, Krista’s fake sponsor leads BaKChat into a potential new segment; “B&K Q&A” that ends up being all kinds of warm and fuzzy. “BaKChat Chats Back” AND a VERY INTENSE “In your Dreams!” make for a double feature to wrap up the show.