“Once in a ‘Century Lifetime’ Opportunity?”

In this week’s episode it’s all about enjoying the simple things in life; whether it’s writing in a journal or going phone-free! Then things get a little scarier on BaKChat, as Bryan and Krista recall some of their most memorable Paranormal Experiences. The pair then hop on the horoscope train to show some Leo love via autostraddle.com for an “It’s in the Stars” segment specially read for the first BaKChat listener who chatted back last week!

“Karen’s Been Dead for 20 Years!”

In this week’s episode, Krista’s fake sponsor, Cineplex, almost has her fighting seniors citizens to hear the wisdom of Mr. Rogers in the new biopic ‘Won’t you be my Neighbour?’ Bryan surprises Krista with a REAL sponsor from listener, Andrea, at roxandlaity.com! Things get gnarly with special stories from both halves of BaKchat before they fly into the galaxy for an urgent “It’s in the Stars”  featuring a Sagittarius read from the works of Jake from @jakesastrology!

“Eating a Giant Lizard Kinda Grossed Me Out”

The jetlag is REAL for both halves of BaKChat as the pair return to share their respective trip experiences: Bass Coast & Japan! Krista relives the most magical moment of Bass Coast, (hint: Erica Dee) and Bryan gives the low-down of how Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto surpassed his travel expectations. “It’s in the Stars” takes us back to our favourite astrologer, Corina Dross from Autostraddle.com, and the July horoscope for Libra rings hella real for our favourite Libran, Bryan.

“Don’t Touch Me, I’m Alive”

On this week’s episode BaKChat celebrates the small stuff! A fake sponsor has Bryan THINXing and Krista revealing an intimate secret. Bryan reveals the motives behind his matte-black Jeep and Krista lies to protect her dignity during a massage (though we all know that’s long gone!). A BaKChat listener gets Krista and Bryan to ‘chat back’ about kitty Q’s, meowing all the way to an extra cute and fluffy “It’s in the Stars” dedicated to Cancer season, y’all!

“The Dessert with a Dirty Secret”

On this episode of BaKChat, Krista finds an entrepreneurial solution to Bryan’s sore Spin Class booty. Bryan finds out that Krista’s one true sponsor is actually his home. Krista recalls putting the ‘hooch’ in Moon Hooch on her Hamburg and Prague groupie tour. Bryan blows Krista’s cosmic mind by taking control of the Zodiac wheel on this week’s “It’s in the Stars,” as he navigates the Horoscope Train through the weird and wonderful world of Aquarius.