“Luckily the Other ‘Glampers’ Were Really Nice”

On today’s episode, BaKChat is celebrating rain on the Coast Salish Territories. Krista and Bryan talk “The Big One” and contemplate going halfers on a survival pod. Bryan recalls knuckle-hair-related trauma at the dentist, and practices mindfulness at the grocery store. Krista begs for Mono tips to the BaKChat email, bakchatpodcast@gmail.com and reveals her arch nemesis in “It’s in the Stars,” through a very involved Virgo Season analysis. The episode goes out with a dramatic reading of a Virgo’s hate mail that had Bryan and Krista in tears.

“Came Through Sweatin’, Sweat Sweat!”

On today’s Very Special Episode of BaKChat, Bryan and Krista welcome their first guest, Kota! On the one year anniversary of taking testosterone, Kota graces the show with his experiences as transgender and how the past year has shaped his future. The crew talk about what it means to be an ally to the trans community, and the work it takes to be able to truly show up. As Kota’s partner, Krista shares some experiences they had when they first started dating and how it shaped her view of allyship and helped them grow stronger. They chat about the differences between learning and unlearning and all take a moment to appreciate and honor the journey.  “It’s in the Stars” has a special year-long forecast for Kota’s sign Leo, followed by a special relationship breakdown read by Bryan using Krista and Kota’s Venus Signs.  Kota is put on the spot with a mini “Krista-Quiz.””

“We’ll Try Not to Stalk You…But No Promises”

The Vancouver heatwave is still scorching the West Coast this week, but Krista’s score of Goldfish Trio keeps her distracted with deliciousness.  Bryan recants a wallet theft story that happened before his visits to Kelowna wineries Gray Monk and Arrow Leaf, and Krista has a few colourful comments on a tattoo-covered story.  Bryan turns the tables for “It’s in the Stars” and makes Krista starry-eyed with an August horoscope for Aquarius courtesy of autostraddle.com!

“Stop Touching My Oven Buttons!”

This week a well-deserved shoutout is given to the nursing industry, alongside an exciting announcement of BaKChat’s official Thirst Sponsor, Lonetree Cider!   Krista is glowing from the Vancouver heatwave while Bryan quizzes them on podcast listener stats from around the world, courtesy of blubrry.com.  Things rocket to “It’s in the Stars,” as Krista responds to a listener email,  summoning her sexual-urgency persona to read August’s horoscope for Crazy Cancers everywhere via vice.com.