“That’s a Wrap!”

On the FINAL episode of BaKChat’s first season, Bryan and Krista share some favourite moments, some trying times (we’re looking at you BaKus!!!) and have a moment of appreciation for all the lovely folks who tune in to BaKChat each and every week. Bryan and Krista recount the highlights of their multiple guest episodes and take a look at some final stats, finishing up with a sneak peek from a new Season 2 segment! A final message from your co-hosts: “From the bottom of our hearts, we love creating BaKChat and we LOVE sharing it with you, so THANK YOU for listening and sharing your time with us every week, we appreciate your support. Happy New Year to all our listeners, we can’t wait for you all to hear what we have in store for Season 2!!!” 

Find our guests:

Kota – from episode “Came through sweatin’, sweat, sweat” – @sot4 

Kosi – from episode “We got the same venus and I’m still broke!” – @thepropertyowl

Kim Janna – from episode “That’s like working for Santa!” – @cerealthrifter

Stuart – from episode “I got slathered up in a few statistics” – @stuartjacobsen

“Holipalooza! A Very Special Holiday Episode”

On the second-to-last episode of BaKChat’s first season, Bryan and Krista celebrate with an ‘In the Stars’ that will let you know what gift to expect from the signs. Fake sponsors are of the microbrewing genre as they keep the broadcast merry and bright. Holiday memories to warm the heart top off the show. Write in to bakchatpodcast@gmail.com or slide into our DM’s @bakchatpodcast on Instagram with your dreams to be analyzed, questions or comments for Bryan and Krista , or anything else you’d like to share to be featured on Season 2! Happy Holidays, lots of love from BaKChat!!

“My Skivvies Are Not Gucci!”

On this week’s last REGULAR episode of Season 1, Bryan and Krista give a sneak peek of a Season 2 segment: ‘BaKSmack’—listen to find out more! Hint: There’s a silver lining to every story. Fake Sponsors this week are LONG overdue for Krista and lead to TMI territory (though is there really TMI on BaKChat?!) Bryan and Krista have a bone to pick with Spotify before getting into ‘It’s in the Stars’ which features ALL the water signs and then some. Tune in next week for our very special Holiday episode which will be sure to get you in the spirit.

“I Can’t Handle the Milk Man!”

On this week’s episode of BaKChat, fake sponsors are turned on their heads with a shoutout to Uber Eats Drivers, which poses the question: Would you eat the fries on the drive?  Bryan and Krista respond to listener messages in a BaKChat Chats Back segment and In Your Dreams features a nap-dream-nightmare with an insightful hidden meaning…

“Popcorn and Cranberries on a Thread!”

This week’s episode drips in Christmas anticipation as Krista shares her wreath-making tips and Bryan recalls the baptism of his lucky suitcase.  “In Your Dreams” follows suit with the professional dreamologists interpreting an intense water-centric dream submitted by a listener that has some crystal clear insights!