“That’s a Wrap!”

On the FINAL episode of BaKChat’s first season, Bryan and Krista share some favourite moments, some trying times (we’re looking at you BaKus!!!) and have a moment of appreciation for all the lovely folks who tune in to BaKChat each and every week. Bryan and Krista recount the highlights of their multiple guest episodes and take a look at some final stats, finishing up with a sneak peek from a new Season 2 segment! A final message from your co-hosts: “From the bottom of our hearts, we love creating BaKChat and we LOVE sharing it with you, so THANK YOU for listening and sharing your time with us every week, we appreciate your support. Happy New Year to all our listeners, we can’t wait for you all to hear what we have in store for Season 2!!!” 

Find our guests:

Kota – from episode “Came through sweatin’, sweat, sweat” – @sot4 

Kosi – from episode “We got the same venus and I’m still broke!” – @thepropertyowl

Kim Janna – from episode “That’s like working for Santa!” – @cerealthrifter

Stuart – from episode “I got slathered up in a few statistics” – @stuartjacobsen