S2 “Enough of this Rectal Talk, Let’s Talk About Britney!”

On this week’s episode of BaKChat, Bryan and Krista pull out their monocles and twirl their moustaches to analyze the Free Britney Movement as professional, fully certified, BakChat-accredited legalologists. After watching the NYT documentary, ‘Framing Britney Spears’, the pair spare no words in their critique of the Hollywood-hungry society that has lead to us to the point of NEEDING to Free Britney! Fake sponsors has Bryan throwing Krista for an unexpected, rule-breaking loop with a very special surprise that incorporates a pattern from Colette Belt and Krista describes a recent trip to Vancouver’s new concept space, ‘Picnics and Poetry’ (picnicsandpoetry.com). ‘It’s in the Stars’ features an in depth analysis of Britney Spears’ birth chart and the planets responsible for the Britney fandom. #FREEBRITNEY 

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S2″Surfs Up…For the Last Time”

Bryan and Krista don’t smoke weed, but that doesn’t stop them from hosting a very special 4/20 episode with Mandy of Jane Technologies, an inspiring entrepreneur! Our knowledgeable guest tackles all your cannabis-related questions, plays some True or False, and blows the walls off of marijuana stigma. ‘It’s In the Stars’ has Bryan and Krista imagining the signs in a cannabis-infused galaxy, while a thoughtful (and slightly concerned) Mandy gives her two cents.

S2 “An Overhead Bin Could Fit Seven Toddlers.”

On this week’s episode of BaKChat, Bryan and Krista share their wonderful experience at the IV Health Centre in Yaletown (a REAL sponsor) who graciously supplied BaKChat with a free IV treatment! It was just the ticket for Bryan to recover from his jetlag. Krista tries to befriend some crows and raves about their fake sponsor Mobi Bikes. The dreamologists don their sleeping caps and dive into some nightmarish listener questions, while Bryan reveals a nightmare of his own. By the way, if you poop in your dream, you poop in real life.

S2 “Be Your Own Boo”

On this week’s episode of BaKChat, we find out K’s kryptonite: geography and mathematics. Fake Sponsors include The Trading Post in Gibsons, and the Queen Elizabeth Theatre here in Vancouver where Bryan saw the Broadway Show “Come From Away.” Bryan and Krista introduce a new segment called ‘Ask BaK’ where the pair help a listener navigate the unknown after a breakup. The episode wraps with a fresh ‘Adventure With Alice.’

S2 “We Love Sexy Things”

On this week’s episode of BaKChat, your favourite queers are raving about strippers, the fabulous shirts at Peau de Loup, and shoppin’ at Trader Joes. BaKChat chats back to more listeners who partook in the Wild Rose Cleanse; Bryan and Krista contemplate needing some probiotics in their lives. The astrology train picks up the duo for an “It’s in the Stars” that features your PETS! Hint: Krista is doing animal voices for every sign.

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S2 “We Can’t Spare the Moisture!”

On this week’s episode, Bryan and Krista celebrate the 50th recorded episode of BaKChat, and dedicate it with love to everyone who has listened to the show! Special Fake Sponsors include The Soap Dispensary and Yaletown IV Health Centre. The duo discuss the dedication (and fun) it took to get to Episode 50, the Vancouver International Women in Film Festival, and their alter egos Aunt Lynda and Aunt Kristine (who are coming soon to an episode near you). “In Your Dreams” takes a personal turn as Bryan reveals a dream of his very own to Krista, his most-trusted Dreamologist. The fun doesn’t end there as “It’s in the Stars” has Krista scratching her head (and laughing with delight) as they discuss Bryan’s interpretation of every star sign…if they were cars.

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S2 “Fish Lips to Start Your Meetings”

On this week’s episode of BaKChat, Bryan and Krista advocate for early mornings by reminiscing on those old-school alarm clock sounds that gave us all PTSD. The pair find something out about Betty Crocker that throws Bryan off his rocker! BaKChat chats back to some Wild Rose cleansing listeners and you bet there’s some poop talk in store. ‘It’s in the Stars’ is back with some Pisces fun facts and fish lip faces! ‘Adventures with Alice’ gets pretty dramatic for 1971, but Bryan and Krista are here for it as per usual.

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