S2 “That’s Not the Mandela Effect, That’s Amnesia”

On this episode of BaKChat, Bryan and Krista both have some skin tips to share from Skoah and SkinFix/Sephora during Fake Sponsors. Bryan’s baby prediction streak meets its match in a Preggo Update, and both Bryan and Krista CRY for the first time on air in a heartwarming story about a certain type of bug. While IITS doesn’t make an appearance this week, a date is BOOKED with Chad (@chadelia) for a special astrological episode #67 that will be nothing short of stargazin’ amazing. Alice returns from vacation for ‘Adventures with Alice’ and Bryan analyzes a very timely dream of Krista’s in ‘In your Dreams!’.  

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S2 “We Can’t Spare the Moisture!”

On this week’s episode, Bryan and Krista celebrate the 50th recorded episode of BaKChat, and dedicate it with love to everyone who has listened to the show! Special Fake Sponsors include The Soap Dispensary and Yaletown IV Health Centre. The duo discuss the dedication (and fun) it took to get to Episode 50, the Vancouver International Women in Film Festival, and their alter egos Aunt Lynda and Aunt Kristine (who are coming soon to an episode near you). “In Your Dreams” takes a personal turn as Bryan reveals a dream of his very own to Krista, his most-trusted Dreamologist. The fun doesn’t end there as “It’s in the Stars” has Krista scratching her head (and laughing with delight) as they discuss Bryan’s interpretation of every star sign…if they were cars.

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S2 “I Look Amazing in a Night Guard, Turns Out”

On today’s late AF episode of BaKChat, Bryan and Krista chat IVs, ethical non-monogamy (or monogamy, if that’s your jam) and the Art of Tidying Up. Bryan recalls appendicitis and Krista battles a ‘Trans Cold’, and yes, you’ll have to listen to find out what that means (get your own podcasts, Terfs!!!). In Your Dreams takes us to another car, on another hill, in another nighttime revelation, that leaves Bryan and Krista giving their spin on yet another hidden message.

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