S2 “I Look Amazing in a Night Guard, Turns Out”

On today’s late AF episode of BaKChat, Bryan and Krista chat IVs, ethical non-monogamy (or monogamy, if that’s your jam) and the Art of Tidying Up. Bryan recalls appendicitis and Krista battles a ‘Trans Cold’, and yes, you’ll have to listen to find out what that means (get your own podcasts, Terfs!!!). In Your Dreams takes us to another car, on another hill, in another nighttime revelation, that leaves Bryan and Krista giving their spin on yet another hidden message.

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S2 “Emotional Hotness!”

It’s #wetfeb y’all! On this week’s VSE of BaKChat, “Sexologist/Sisterologist”, VANESSA, @pitsuparty, is on the show to chat with B & K about all things sex, kinks and relationships, ‘cause there ain’t no better person to confide in with all your deepest darkest sexual concerns than a big sis! The trio tackle the results of bdsmtest.org ‘s KINK QUIZ and Vanessa dives into all our questions about polyamory and a non-monogamous lifestyle. Fake sponsors include Vitamin D drops (wink wink), coconut oil and The Ethical Slut by Janet W. Hardy and Dossie Easton. ‘It’s in the Stars’ remains controversial this week and Adventures with Alice takes us to AMSTERDAM in 1971.

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