“I Got Slathered Up in a Few Statistics!”

On today’s Very Special Episode of BaKChat your co-hosts celebrate Bryan’s birthday with an extra special guest, STUART – Bry’s boo!  Fake sponsors include Chapstick, @bainstore (on insta), and Blubrry.com (BaKChat’s streaming platform).  Stuart gives BaKChat some insight on pre-med as he navigates his way through the MCAT exam.  Krista takes the opportunity to grill Stuart in a “Bryan Quiz,” and the trio soar back to “It’s in the Stars!” after a considerable hiatus, to analyze a Libra and Aquarius match using Jonathan Cainer’s book “Love Signs.”  Follow us on insta:  @bakchatpodcast and slide into our dms with a dream you want analyzed and we could feature it on a future episode!