S2 “It’s Because My Grandma Was Born Under a Spruce Tree”

On this week’s episode of BaKChat, Bryan and Krista get philosophical as dry January draws to a close—and promise a very WET return come February! Fake sponsors include the Tao Te Ching and www.clearly.ca (Krista paid a visit to Aunt Lynda). BaKChat chats about an insightful article; ‘Help your Kids Let Go of Stuff’ by Christopher Willard, from mindful.org that perhaps says more about adults in our society than its kids. Bryan takes the lead on ‘It’s In the Stars’ and Krista has a suggestion which horrifies Libras everywhere. Krista gives an astrological lesson on how your sun, moon and rising sign really affect you and these astrologists offer their listeners a chance to have their birth chart read on the air by writing in to bakchatpodcast@gmail.com with your full birth date, time of birth and where you were born. Adventures with Alice takes us to February 4th 1971 where Alice is feeling a bit square.

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